Scott Drive Limited provides custom design services to OEM’s in the hybrid/electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors. Past projects include customised controllers, bi-directional DC-DC converters/grid connected inverters, battery management systems and inductive power transfer (IPT) systems.

Scott Drive offer custom controller development services

  • Power electronic designs ranging from a few watts up to 500kW

  • Motor control solutions for Induction, BLDC and Permanent Magnet (PM) motors

  • Microelectronics/processor control board design

  • Embedded software development

  • Windows based software development

  • Mechanical engineering and CAD design

  • Prototype manufacture and testing

  • Production co-ordination services

Testing Facilities

Scott Drive has designed and manufactured a custom Test Bed for testing both motors and controllers. The test bed is designed to accommodate four motors up to 450mm in diameter and 900mm in length coupled together through a jaw coupling capable of handling 2000 Nm of torque.

EMI Testing

All switching circuits inherently produce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Careful design can minimise conducted/emitted emissions however this can only be verified by testing with a Spectrum Analyser. SDL’s testing facilities include a Spectrum Analyser capable of testing EMI emissions in the 9kHz to 1.5GHz range.