company background


Development of the Scott Drive Controller began in 2010 with the entry model 450A Scott Drive 100 controller for use with Permanent Magnet (PM) motors. Since then the SD100 has undergone extensive testing and development while also adding additional software support for Siemens Induction motors. The Scott Drive Controller range now includes a mid-level 600A controller, the SD150, for use with both PM and Induction motors. To meet the demands of more power hungry applications Scott Drive is currently developing a 900A Controller.



why ac drives and motors?


There are a number of reasons why Scott Drive decided to focus solely on AC Motor and Drive Solutions for EV conversions. These reasons are the same reasons all major car manufacturers employ AC Motor and Drive technology in their EV’s rather than DC solutions. The principle reasons are higher efficiency, longer life, lower maintenance, smooth and quiet operation. In addition AC Motors and Drives have inherent regenerative braking capability without additional hardware. Regenerative braking coupled with generally higher motor efficiency gives EV’s powered by AC Solutions longer range for the same amount of battery storage.
With all these advantages one might ask why DC motors and Drives have been the cornerstone of most EV conversions in the past. This principal reason is cost. AC Controllers are more complex than there DC counterparts which has resulted in fewer companies providing AC controller solutions and at higher prices.