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Contact your local Scott drive supplier directly for the latest controller and motor updates.


Tested Motors

Motor Testing

BLDC motor

BLDC Motor

BLDC Motors generally have a high starting torque and can be overloaded by a factor of 3-4 for short term operation. Scott Drive controllers have been tested with BLDC motors from Heng Tian Permanent Magnet Electric Motor and are suitable for BLDC motors with a continuous power rating from 22kW up to 90kW allowing for high overload factor.

BLDC motor

Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14

Siemens manufacturers’ high quality Induction motors suitable for use in small to medium vehicles through to large buses. Scott Drive controllers have been tested with Siemens motors from the 1PV5135 and 1PV5138 range. The motors in these ranges have continuous power ratings from 45kW to 85kW with an overload factor of about 2.5-3. Scott Drive can supply an encoder cable for these motors making the motors very easy to connect up and get running.

BLDC motor

Fukuta Motors

Fukuta manufacturers a range of EV motors (UTV/HYBRID) suitable for use in small to medium sized vehicles. The SD100 controller has been tested with the ACB-211200-100 67kW motor which has peak power rating of 100kW. For further information on Fukuta motors please contact Fukuta directly.

BLDC motor

Remy HVH250-115

Remy manufacturers a range of very high performance Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motors and AC Induction motors with peak powers up to ~350kW. These motors are wound using REMY’s High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) technology and have been in production for over 10 years with more than 100,000 motors produced. Since Remy HVH motors are capable of running from a DC bus voltage of up to 700V they are well suited for the SD300 controller.

BLDC motor

EMRAX228 Motor

Enstroj are known for manufacturing high performance, high efficiency EMRAX motors suitable for a wide range of applications from powered gliders to electric vehicles. EMRAX motors have peak power ratings from 80kW to 200kW with corresponding motor weights of 9.3kg to 20.3kg

BLDC motor

Azure Dynamics

The Azure Dynamics AC24 is a low cost induction motor suitable for smaller EV’s. With a maximum motor current rating of 250 Arms and a nominal battery voltage range of 144 to 336V the AC24 is suitable for use with the SD100 controller.



Watch this short clip demonstrating the Scott Drive controller with the Emrax motor

Watch this short clip demonstrating the Scott Drive controller using the Siemens motor