Scott Drive 250


The SD250 is designed for medium to heavy vehicles or high performance vehicles, depending on continuous power rating of the motor and the desired performance level of the vehicle.


communication interfaces


1. CAN Bus

The CAN Bus port is proved primarily so the Drive controller can communicate with other Scott EV products such as the Battery Management System (BMS) and charging system.

1. RS485

The RS485 port is included for future expandability and custom interfaces if requested. Please contact your local distributor if you wish to customize setup, control or diagnostic functions via RS485.

2. Ethernet TCP/IP

A Standard RJ45 Ethernet connection is provided for easy connection to any PC. The Ethernet port is AUTO-MDIX enabled meaning it can be connected directly to either a PC or network switch without using a cross-over cable. PC based application software is provided which can be used for initial setup, in-field firmware upgrade or to simply view operating parameters of the Drive.

3. Driver Control Inputs

4. Auxillary 12V/ 10A Outputs




384mm L x 304mm W x 110mm H

Inverter Specifications


Weight - 16 kg without cables

Rated Current - 700 Arms

Maximum Current - 800 Arms

Nominal DC Bus Voltage - 350 Volts

Maximum DC Bus Voltage - 450 Volts

Switching Frequency Range - 10.0-20.0 kHz

Minimum Coolant Flow Rate - 3.0 L/min

Drive Supply Voltage - 10-15 Volts

Minimum Drive Supply Current - 2 Amps

Maximum Drive Supply Current - 40 Amps



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