Introducing Scott Drive

Development of the Scott Drive Controller began in 2010 with the entry model 450A Scott Drive 100 controller for use with BLDC motors. Since then, the SD100 has undergone extensive testing and development and now also supports Induction and PMSM motors.

The Scott Drive Controller range has been expanded to include two additional medium voltage controllers and one high voltage model which supports DC Bus voltage up to 900V. These controllers are designated the SD200, SD250 and SD300 respectively.

We have a passion for producing the highest quality AC motor controllers for high voltage applications. Every controller model we design is feature rich and employs the latest technology using premium automotive quality components.

SCOTTDRIVE decided to focus solely on AC motor drive and associated management solutions for traction motors. The reasons are the same reasons all major car manufacturers employ AC Motor and Drive technology in their vehicles rather than DC solutions which are higher efficiency, longer life, lower maintenance, smooth and quiet operation.

In addition, AC motors have inherent regenerative braking capability without additional hardware. Regenerative braking coupled with generally higher motor efficiency gives AC electric powered vehicles longer range for the same amount of battery storage.

We believe that the our world needs to move away from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric motor transport and powered machinery.  Scottdrive provides electric motor and battery controllers to assist this move to electric power.

Scottdrive designs and manufactures our motor controller and other products at our factory in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Circuit board components are manufactured to automotive standard and each unit is tested and configured for customer specific requirement on a physical motor to ensure functional compliance prior to shipping.

We’re proud of our design to manufacture facility and are constantly striving to improve our productivity and quality assurance practices.

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We aim to satistfy our customers needs for high voltage and highly configurable AC motor controllers

Scott Drive Products and Services

AC Motor Controllers

Using the latest technology and high-quality automotive grade components, the SD electric
motor controller range represents exceptional value and reliability for three Phase Motor control applications up to ~400kVA.

Custom Controller Design

Scott Drive employs talented AC controller design engineers who can customise our vehicle and marine control algorithms for your specific requirement.

Our experience extends from standard automotive applications to speed control requirements for marine and aeronautic use.

Scott Drive also works with our customers to develop specialise motor controller hardware solutions.

How To Make An Order?

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    We can assist with you motor controller selection.  Just send us a message or use the chat window.  You can also order drive control and motor data cables to fits your controller.

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    Make sure you login or create a new account to view product pricing.  Shiping costs will be added based on your product selection.

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    The checkout form has vital questions that need your attention.  Scott Drive uses your response to configure the controller to your requirements.  This information includes motor position sensor types, motor specification and your general project requirements.

  • 4. Enter desired shipping address

    Our controllers are of robust weight and shipping prices vary from place to place around the globe.

  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

    We provide support for all our customers and work to assist every customer project is a grand success.  We look forward to working with you.

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SD300 AC motor controller

The SD300 motor controller is for 3 phase motor control applications up to ~400kVA.  Permanent Magnet (PM) and AC Induction (ACIM) motors up to 450 Arms and 800V DC are supported.

SD250 AC motor controller

The SD250 motor controller is for 3 phase motor control applications up to ~300kVA.  Permanent Magnet (PM) and AC Induction (ACIM) motors up to 700 Arms and 425V DC are supported.

SD200 AC motor controller

The SD200 motor controller is for 3 phase motor control applications up to ~200kVA.  Permanent Magnet (PM) and AC Induction (ACIM) motors up to 500 Arms and 425V DC are supported.

SD100 AC motor controller

The SD100 motor controller is for 3 phase motor control applications up to ~120kVA.  Permanent Magnet (PM) and AC Induction (ACIM) motors up to 400 Arms and 400V DC are supported.